About Quality

1. What's your quality difference between other suppliers?
We understand the importance of strict quality control system. If we provide low quality parts, it will not only hurt our customer's business, but also reflect bad on eleCrazy, we know quality is the most important thing in mobile phone parts industry. Our parts are sourced from top manufacturers, and hand-tested and inspected multiple times for quality assurance. We stand behind the quality with a lifetime warranty on all LCDs. 

2. What quality can you provide?
ELECRAZY provide different quality to meet different customer's requirements—original, original pulled, original self-welded, OEM, copy quality. 
Original parts are those with original components, which are assembled by the original factories. 
Original pulled is teardown from the mobile phone device. 
Original self-welded parts are those with original or original compliant components, but assembled by capable third-party factories. 
OEM parts are those with original compliant components and assembled by capable third-party factories. 
OEM accessories are those items made by the manufacturer of the original part.
Copy parts are those with China after market components and assembled by capable third-party factories.


About Price

1. What wholesale discounts do you offer?
eleCrazy offers special pricing for bulk and wholesale purchases. Please contact bus[email protected] to check what price can you get, thanks. 

2. Does your price match my current suppliers? 
Yes, we do. However, we must determine that the quality is up to par with our quality also. We are professional in the mobile phone parts business, our most important factor in business is the quality. We will not compromise on quality versus cheaper quality but better pricing. We carefully check and test each product before it reaches our customers hand as we know installing a product and not working properly is a time wasted for another potential sale and loss of a customer doing business with us again.


About Supply Chain

1. What products can you provide

eleCrazy sources high-quality LCD and parts for certain mobile phone including, but not limited to, Apple, Samsung, LG, Moto, Huawei, MIUI, HTC, Google, Oneplus etc. The parts that we sources are tested for functionality, quality and compatibility with the Products. eleCrazy sells many variations of quality grades of parts including Original, Original self-welded, OEM, Refurbish, Aftermarket.


About Service

1. How can I contact you?
You can find our contact details  in "Contact Us"  or you can email [email protected] or send message on what’s app +86 13544589964.  

2. What is your warranty policy?
ELECRAZY stands by the quality of its products by offering Life Time Warranty. Please see the warranty and return policy on our warranty page.

3. Who can I talk when I have complaint?
Please talk with your sales or send email to servic[email protected] when you have any complaints or suggestions. 

4. Can I make my own stamp or my own label? 
Yes, sure, we can do customized stamp, label, even the package/tool/battery with your own brand. 

5. Do you have a buyback program for the broken LCD and what's the price?
Yes, we do offer a buyback program and the prices are depending the market situation. Please talk with our sales or send email to [email protected] to talk about the details.


About Shipment

1. What kinds of shipping method do you have? 
ELECRAZY provides fast and efficient shipment to global. We ship the package via DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT and double-way customs clearance channel. 

2. What is double-way customs clearance channel? 
Double-way customs clearance is a special shipping method to ship logo goods to strict customs countries. The forwarder will in charge of customs clearance issues on both China customs and destination customs.

3. When will the order be shipped?
General order will be shipped out in 1-3 workdays after get bank receipt from customer. The shipping date will be delay 1-3 workdays depending on market situation if big order or when some items are limited stock. 

4. When will the order be received? / How long can delivery take for my order?
Europe: 3-7 workdays after shipping
North America:3-7 workdays after shipping
Oceania: 3-7 workdays after shipping
Asia:3-7 workdays after shipping
South America: 10-30 days after shipping 

5. How do you pack the products?
ELECRAZY pack the goods scientifically and safety. We provide EVA packing, blister packing and bubble bag packing to meet different requirements. We also accept customized package to support customer improve their brand force. 

6. Do you deliver to my country?
eleCrazy ship almost all the countries around world, please contact us to check if your country is in the service area. 

7. Do you accept drop shipping? 
We accept different cooperation method. Welcome to share your any idea with us. 


1. What forms of payment method do you accept?
There are 3 kinds of payment methods acceptable—bank transfer (TT), Western Union (WU) and PayPal (only for first order)

2. Which currency do you accept?
Below currency are acceptable:

3. What’s the MOQ of the order? 
Sample order acceptable
Our Minimum order amount is $200 

4. How to place order? 
You can order products from eleCrazy in the following ways:
--by email: please send your order list to [email protected]
--by skype: please send message to skype:[email protected]
--by what’s app: please contact us on what’s app: +86 13544589964
--please talk to us at the bottom right corner of the page, our professional sales will reply you as soon as possible. 

5. How do you identify which product is yours if we ship back to replace?
Our items all have a special stamp on each individual product. Please don't wipe/remove it as it will void your warranty with us. If you have a question or concern to conclude if a product is ours, please contact our customer service representatives.

6. I cannot find a product that I am looking for, how can I find it?
We provide wide product line for mobile phone parts and accessories, including LCD, touch, flex cable, housing small parts, battery, data cable, charger, case, protector. Please contact our sales if you can not find a product you are looking for, our sales we offer you the best price. 

7. I replaced my digitizer screen and it is still not working, what can I do?
If you are trying to install the LCD and it is displaying is a white screen, please try the following troubleshooting method:

Gently lift the battery connector and leave the battery disconnected for 30 seconds to 1 minute to ensure that the phone is completely shut down and ready to accept the new screen. If the white screen appears again, repeat the process and wait a little longer with the battery disconnected. Please be careful when removing and re-connecting the battery as the connection prongs can become worn out from overuse.

We have found this method to be successful when testing parts here in our warehouse. Please try this method first, it may take as many as 3 times of removing the battery for the part to start working on the device.

8. Can you stock something that you don't carry?
Sure! We take part request all the time. If there is a specific part you need that we do not carry and feel it would be a good fit at eleCrazy, please just feel free to contact us.


If you need futher information, please feel free to contact us on: 

[email protected]/[email protected]

[email protected]

What's app--0086 13544589964

We are on service at any time. :)